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Registration collective action municipal heating Eindhoven
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    Via this form you can confirm your participation in the collective action towards energy company Ennatuurlijk. The collective action consists of conducting various legal prodedures in which we ask the judge to establish that non-agreed costs have been calculated by Ennatuurlijk. See section Wrongdoings. The collective action applies to current/former homeowners and tenants in Eindhoven who are customers or have been customers of Ennatuurlijk.

    Residents who are entitled to legal assistance and have received confirmation that their legal expenses insurer is participating in this collective action, we do not ask for a contribution. We ask other residents a contribution of 50 euros per household. For members of Residents' Association Meerhoven a discount applies.

    Customer portal
    After completing the registration process you can pay (if applicable) via iDEAL or bank transfer. You will also receive a confirmation via e-mail. This confirmation contains a link with which you can access our customer portal. In this portal you can easily update your data and upload relevant documents.