Collective action


Customers of energy company Ennatuurlijk are disadvantaged to a few thousand euros per household. Research by the Municipal Heating Foundation Eindhoven has shown that the company charges 3500 customers in Eindhoven for items which have not been agreed. Discussions with Ennatuurlijk have not yielded the desired result Therefore we have little choice but to resort to legal action.

Test processes
One of the disputed cost items is the so-called connection fee. In April 2017, the court in Den Bosch ruled that this contribution was not agreed with residents and that Ennatuurlijk must repay the costs. The court decision applies to three residents who started a trial process in 2012 on our initiative and under our supervision. Ennatuurlijk went into cassation against the verdict of the court.

Collective action
Since we are confident in a successful outcome of the cassation procedure and there are also other wrongdoings around the district heating, we start with a collective action towards Ennnatuurlijk. The collective action consists of conducting various legal procedures in which we ask the judge to establish that non-agreed costs have been calculated by Ennatuurlijk. The collective action applies to current/former homeowners and tenants in Eindhoven who are customers or have been customers of Ennatuurlijk.

Residents who are entitled to legal assistance and have received confirmation that their legal expenses insurer is participating in this collective action, we do not ask for a contribution. We ask other residents a contribution of 50 euros per household. For members of Residents’ Association Grasrijk and Residents’ Association Zand-, Bos- en Meerrijk a discount applies.

Do you meet the above conditions? Then we invite you to confirm your participation in the collective action. This can be done through our online registration form.